Meet the Team

Our Math Festival presenters are WONDERFUL! Each has had a full career as a classroom teacher and teacher-leader. Together we have hosted over 1000 successful student and family Math Festivals. One of these presenters will work with you to thoroughly plan your event, and when your Math Festival date rolls around, your presenter will set up and lead your event!


Paul Giganti

Founder & Owner

Paul is retired K–8 California teacher and was Director of the Bay Area Mathematics Project at UC Berkeley. Paul created the California Math Festival Program and is also the author of several Children’s literature books with mathematics themes.


Leanna Baker


Leanna is a retired California K–5 classroom teacher. In 2001 she was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching. Leanna has also been an instructor for Math Pathways, Mathematics Case Methods, and Cal State East Bay.


Bruce Grip


Bruce, a retired math teacher, continues to support teachers with presentations, committee work, and as a university field faculty advisor. He has served on the CA Academic Content Standards Commission and the Math Framework Committee, and is currently CMC State Treasurer.


Gretchen Muller


Gretchen has been a classroom teacher, coach, and teacher-leader for over 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a consultant for Math Solutions, the Executive Secretary of the California Mathematics Council, and a member of the NCTM Emerging Issues Committee.


Kim Stiewig


Kim is a K-8 teacher in a California urban school district.  She  has also worked with Marilyn Burns, been a master teacher for  San Francisco State, coached teachers through BTSA, and  presented math workshops for teachers.


Jeannie Toshima


Jeannie is a retired California teacher and LA County Office of Education staff developer. Jeannie has boundless energy; besides conducting Math Festivals with  for thirteen years, Jeannie is very active in both the state and southern section California Mathematics Councils.