A great resource for parents and guardians who wish to support their K–12 children's mathematics learning...

           ~ 2019 Winner of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Special Publication Award ~

Math at Home, a parent's guide to mathematics education, was written expressly for families of K–12th grade children. Each booklet contains straight-forward information, practical suggestions, and resources for families who wish to better understand the importance of mathematics and the role they can play in helping children learn this critical subject. The K–12 Math at Home parent guides to mathematics education are available in either English or Spanish.

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K–12 Math at Home in English             K–12 Math at Home in Spanish

The California Mathematics Council grants permission to share these files with parents, guardians, and educators—all other uses require expressed permission. Math at Home as paper booklets are available for purchase at low cost. To order multiples of 30 or 100 booklets for use in your school or organization, click here: order MATH at HOME  paper booklets