❏ If at all possible, choose a date for your school’s Festival that has the fewest possible conflicts for the day. If possible, find a day when ALL classes in the school can participate; avoid scheduling field trips, testing, or other special programs on your Festival date. Individual classes are only involved for 50 to 60 minutes maximum, so the Festival need not seriously disrupt the normal teaching day.

❏ The use of your gym or multi-use room ALL DAY for the Festival is mandatory; only the Math Festival can be going on in that room that day since it’s not possible to take down and put up the materials. Please check carefully to make sure this is suitable on your chosen date.

❏ If there is a Family Math Festival planned for parents and children that evening, the Math Festival materials must remain set up after school and into the evening. After school programs that day should be scheduled elsewhere; the Festival takes significant time to set up and break down.

❏ Before you confirm a date with us, please make sure that your school and district has authorized the estimated expenditure (details cost estimates, including travel-related expenses are available on request). We are happy to revise estimates or sign district contracts based upon changes if notified well in advance of the Math Festival date.


❏ One school staff person is required to be released for the entire day to assist the Math Festival presenter, preferably a teacher-leader. This is a legal requirement of the California Education Code since we are guests in your school. The presenter and this teacher-leader will run the entire Math Festival with only the additional assistance of parent volunteers.

❏ This designated staff person will need to be present in the Festival facility at all times during the Math Festival day, both before school for the set-up of the Math Festival materials, during each student session, and at all breaks between sessions. Principals please note: It is required by the California Education Code that this district person be in the room at all times during the day when students are present.

❏ Principals and Vice Principals are not recommended as the person released to assist at the Math Festival as they are so often called away on important business. Principals please note: this role and the logistical planning is an ideal leadership role to designate to a teacher on your staff.

❏ Ideally, this designated teacher-leader will also be the person to work with the CMC Math Festival Presenter in planning all on site logistics of your school’s Math Festival programs before your event. Email communication with this individual is essential to the success of the planning process. You should identify this person to the Math Festival Coordinator at least two months in advance of the date of your Math Festival so the planning can begin.


❏ The Math Festival activities and materials are suitable for TransitionalK–8th grade abilities, including Special Education students. Added assistance is only recommended for Kindergarteners in the first few months of the school year.

❏ A student body larger than 900 requires more than one consecutive Math Festival day or an adjustment in students attending. The size of the school facility you designate for the Math Festival and the number of available large tables will determine the number of students who can attend any given Math Festival session (maximum of 150 students per session—see below).


❏ The Math Festival is a truly ungraded activity. Therefore it’s best to mix different grade-level classes attending in each session – the older students often help the little ones, and the younger kids have a positive influence on the older students. All students will find activities appropriate for their level and abilities, Kindergarten through 8th grade.

❏ Sessions are 35 to 40 minutes in duration. In addition, please allow at least 10 minutes for a passing period. It's wise to allow a few minutes after a recess or lunch break to give students time to return to class first. Please allow at least an hour for a lunch break for the staff and volunteers. You may schedule up to 150 students at a time (maximum)—however smaller groups work well. It’s best to make groups attending each session as even in number as possible. Please arrange for no more than SIX sessions in a six-hour day (if you feel you need more than six sessions, consult with your Math Festival presenter first!

❏ SAMPLE Student Math Festival schedule:

Setup: 7:30–9:00 (1.5 hours is needed to set up all the activities)

Session 1: 9:00–9:35

Session 2: 9:45–10:20

Session 3: 10:30–11:05

Session 4: 11:15–11:50

LUNCH: 12:00–1:00 (Please allow at least 45 minutes for a lunch break for the presenter and parent volunteers)

Session 5: 1:00–1:35

Session 6: 1:45–2:20

End & Cleanup by 3:20

After-school teacher Mathematics Festival workshop (if scheduled): 3:30–5:00 (The timing can be adjusted to fit within the teachers' contractual day)

Family Mathematics Festival (if scheduled): 6:30–7:30 (1.5 hour maximum)


❏ 12 to 16 DIFFERENT Festival stations will be set up depending on the size of your facility and the number of tables available. The typical fold-down double cafeteria table, 12 to 16 feet long is suitable for ONE Math Festival station’s materials, and can accommodate 12 to 16 students, working in pairs at the same time at any given station. Folding tables can also be used; two 6-foot long folding tables, placed end to end, will hold one Math Festival station.

❏ Have teachers put their students in working pairs PRIOR to coming to their Festival session. This is frequently forgotten without a reminder the day before (and sometimes again that morning). Partners will visit Festival stations and work on tasks TOGETHER.

❏ Please make a PRINTED schedule by class, grade, and teacher far in advance of the Festival and make sure every teacher is aware of the timing of his or her time Math Festival session. Your Math Festival presenter will need this schedule at least two weeks in advance.

❏ Emphasize to teachers the importance of staying ON SCHEDULE and the need to arrive with their class ON TIME! Each session will begin with a brief orientation and a few important directions to the WHOLE group of students. The session can’t begin until everyone arrives.

❏ Classroom teachers MUST accompany their classes and help their students during the Festival. They are not required to assist at the tables but it is a great opportunity for teachers to observe their students working. Your school will receive a complete set of your Math Festival's curriculum materials in order to extend the learning all year long.